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Fredericksburg Music Academy


"Fredericksburg Music Academy is actively developing the musical horizons of community children by providing high quality, low cost music instruction in a caring Christian environment."


  • ACADEMY CLASSES (Group Instruction):
    • Tuesdays after-school 3:30pm-5:30pm

    • K-2nd Grade classes include music theory, singing, and instrumental training

    • 3rd-5th grade classes include music theory and singing classes. We recommend one-on-one instrument instruction through our STUDIOS for this age range.

      Cost: $50 per month or $200 per semester per student

  • STUDIOS (Private Instruction):
    • Private voice lessons, vocal ensemble

    • Beginning and advanced private piano lessons

    • Beginning violin classes, private beginning violin lessons, advanced violin lessons and ensembles through the HCYO

    • Beginning guitar and ukulele lessons, advanced guitar ensemble

    • Beginning band private instrument lessons with ensemble

    • Cost: $25 registration fee + Class costs varies based on instruction



The FMA STUDIOS was launched during the pandemic when groups could not meet. The STUDIOS branch has been so successful we're continuing it into the new school year. STUDIOS are private 30-minute music lessons with a dedicated instructor typically ranging $25-35 per class. On a case-by-case basis, there are partial scholarships available offered to those needed.


For STUDIOS the instructor coordinates the lesson, class time, and instrument rental (if applicable) with the student’s guardian. Parents/guardians are expected to pay for the month of lessons in advance in addition to the STUDIOS registration fee of $25 at the time of registration. Along with private instruction there will be optional times for small ensembles and classes which are included in the cost of instruction.  STUDIO participants will also be able to participate in Academy classes for music theory and singing.


Academy classes are offered Tuesdays after school for ages K-5th grade. The tuition fee is $50 per month or $200 per semester for each student. K-2nd Tuesday Academy classes include music theory, singing, and instrumental training. 3rd-5th grade instruction includes music theory and singing classes (we recommend private STUDIO instruction for instrument training for this age).

The Fredericksburg Music Academy has been a proud partner of the Hill Country Youth Orchestra program for over 12 years. FMA’s partnership with the HCYO has brought huge opportunities to students to be part of a very large orchestra program that otherwise wouldn’t be available to community students. Many FMA students have earned scholarships and admittance to universities of their choice by participating in our program.

We hope to send our Academy Choir and choral ensemble to a fun performance venue at the end of the spring semester to display what they've learned. In years past some venues have included Schlitterbahn and Six Flags Fiesta Texas. The ensemble performs and receives an award based on their performance. The last 6 years before COVID, the FMA choir participated and received the superior First Place trophy at the Pride of Texas Music Festival at Sea World and the Schlitterbahn Sound Waves Festival. Students that participate in these occasions will always remember the performances and the recognition for working together for a common goal. FMA also performs at venues within the community that allow students to sing and play in front of friends and family, including worship services in front of a large congregation at FUMC and community Christmas performances.


For over 12 years the FMA has taught music education to our community in two primary ways:

  1. By teaching student to learn how to read music and understand music theory.

  2. By educating and teaching how to sing or play individually and in a group ensemble.

What began as a small children’s music group has grown into a 70+ student program in a total music education experience through singing, instrument training, and music theory. It is the FMA’s goal to serve the families of our community by offering superb musical training and to provide opportunities to play and perform with other musicians as well.

As we rebuild our FMA programming post-pandemic, we are excited to reoffer the group Academy classes in addition to the STUDIO classes introduced in 2020. FMA's goal is to offer superb musical instruction to the surrounding Fredericksburg community in a safe and fun Christian environment.

We are blessed here in Fredericksburg to have some of the most incredibly qualified musicians and instructors that work through the FMA providing instruction in all instruments including piano, voice, guitar, violin, flute, trumpet, trombone, clarinet, sax, and any/all band or orchestra instruments. The FMA private STUDIO classes are open to children as well as adults and are excited to accommodate our lesson times to best fit you or your child's schedule.


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